The deeper conversation that I was told about?

I was told by a girl that I was trying to talk to that I needed to have deeper conversations with the girl I am into. I was also told not to forget what a girl tells me, this can be due to my bad memory. Yet at the same time everyone tells me if I really am interested in a girl that I wouldn't forget things. Yet how can I actually go deeper into conversation with a girl that I am trying to talk to? Also how to know the right timing?

P. S. When it comes to conversing with others I am not that great, because I never know what is the right thing to say. I tend to say the wrong things and not really put together my sentences properly (yes I do read). Then I also tend to come across harsh/mean/upset, and then I don't want to offend the girl or get her upset or come off as a jacka** if I try to ask deeper questions and it is the wrong timing or something she doesn't want to talk about. This is why I am always holding back so I don't really look bad with the girl.


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  • Dude.. Your in your twenties, so I'll be blunt...
    First... If you want to know more about the girl you're into, walk up to her and ask her whatever you want to know... Screw social graces for that moment... Ask and satisfy your curiosity...
    Second... The girl that told you to ask the girl that you're into more, what the fuck? Tell her to shut up and go coach someone else.
    Third... Your memory is fine and people forget things constantly regardless of how much they like someone. So tell those that are ridiculing you and your affections to F off.

    You have to take control of the situation.
    You want to know more, ask
    You want to date her, ask her out
    If she says she's interested , great! If not, great! Either way, the mystery and wonderment is gone. Lol

    Just be honest, direct and assertive... No one like wishywashy, indecisive followers...

    You set the mood.
    You make the rules.


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