Do you think she knows this is a date right?

i just went ahead and texted her not to make plans Thursday and then she replied really fast why? i went ahead to call her but no awnser (lowkey happy), then i texted her im taking her out if she's down she replied like 10 mins later saying "sorry i'm moving furniture, but ok what time". i told her i pick her up at 6:30 an then she asked where are we goin then i told her ice crem/movie and i didn't hear from her after that so i think i got the date hahaha


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  • I wouldn't think to much of her not replying in normal time frames. Friends do this to me all the time, I do it loads to on accident. I am positive she knows its a date!


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  • Sounds like a bud.. A friend... Push for more but you have to act fast.. You're headed toward the friend zone.

    • how am i headed towards the friendzone?

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    • Yeah.. Positive comments like that would help.. Lol.
      Just clarify things with her and you'll be good.

    • ok and true haha she could have said no or that she wasn't interested or lied lol im greatfull for a "Ok" lmao

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  • Well.. Guys don't get excited if a girl replies you instantly because these days we're always on our phone.. But I'm optimistic for you.

    • shoot i do, your reponse makes me feel like im have something to worry bout haha

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    • Maybe yes.

    • form of playing hard to get i assume lol

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