Am I still "in"?

Hey all, so I went on a lunch date with a girl from work which went from 1pm to 315pm. We had lunch until 2 30pm and went for some dessert after. This was on Thursday. On Saturday I txted her to ask a question as a "feeler" text which she responded the next minute. I was wondering if youthink I am still in thet game and when I should contact her again. Thanks in advance :)


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  • Yah if she responded right away she is probably interested I would just ask her out again soon :)


What Guys Said 1

  • if she responded quickly consider it a good sign... does it happen often?

    • Thanks man... I'm not sure I understand "does it happen often"? If you mean her responding quickly I would say more often then not... there are times when I text her in the evening and she responds in the morning.

    • ok if she respons quikly many times, then don't worry :)

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