Should I forget about this girl?

Long story short, I went on 2 dates with this girl. First date: Went to a movie at night. Held hands and Kissed for about 5 seconds Second date: Went to the lake. Held hands, but she only gave me a peck on the lips at the end I'm assuming this means she isn't interested? I've had to initiate everything so far such as texting, holding hands, kissing, planning dates. Personally, I thought the dates went well but looking back maybe she didn't enjoy herself. I'm thinking of not contacting her and seeing if she will be interested enough to contact me and show interest in me. I'm getting tired of doing 100% of the work. I'm a shy guy (I've been told that I hide it well) so it's really hard to do all of the initiating. What do you guys/girls think?


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  • I believe she's interested since she held hands with you and kissed you.


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  • you got two options bro, either ignore her and see if she starts talking to you or you ask her point blank if she is interested or not. At least then you have a clear answer, nothing is worse than thinking about every little detail in your own head.

    • Thanks for the opinion man. Well she actually said she liked me in our convo after the first date (I said jokingly, "You don't like me" and she responded "If i didn't like you i wouldn't want to go out with you again haha"). So maybe she is just really shy. She told me that she goes to church every Sunday so maybe she is one of those super conservative girls who isn't comfortable showing interest?

    • haha, I say than you should just ask her how she feels. As you said she is really shy and maybe isn't comfortable expressing those feelings, I have been dating my girlfriend for a year and there are still things she holds back on. Try asking her, at least than you know the truth and if she really does like you it'll be a start of a solid and honest relationship.

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  • if u initiated everything... it's clear she wasn't interested anyway bro ;)

  • I don't know
    but i think that if you have to do the whole thing by yourself then she is just not interested :/

  • Take it easy, there's somebody for everybody. If she doesn't seem interested in you, then yes, forget about her and move on... find another girl.

    • Thanks for the kind words man!

    • No problem brother. Good luck looking for girls.

      It may be a challenge, but have patience and you'll find somebody.

      "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning."

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