What do you think of long distance relationships?

I was talking to a guy today and he said that it wouldn't work out with a girl because he's going to a different college next year. Do you think long distance relationships can work and would you try one?


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  • I know they can work out - I am the living proof. I would never do it again or advise it to anyone

    So no, don't do it.

    • So it worked out for you, but you advise against it? Why?

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    • Then why did you go through with it?

    • @Ihav2fart Because if you see you could have something nice together, you work on fixing it instead of throwing it away.

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  • I've been in one, and a lot of my friends have to. 99% of my friends were in LDRs for at least one year after high school got over, since they stuck to their old boyfriends and we were all going away. I graduated from high school 2 years back. Needless to say, they're all over now. There were all different types too, one was in the same country, one was in another country but my friend visited often so they met a lot, and my ex was in another country but barely came back cause he's moved there.
    With these relationships, I think it really depends on a few things -
    1) the distance - obviously, how far you are matters. This tells you how often you'll be able to see each other/the distance impacts you psychologically (like, if they're in the city next to yours, you'll be more driven as opposed to them being in another hemisphere altogether)
    2) how often you meet - if you can meet once/twice a month, I think it's good depending on the situation I will discuss in my next point
    3) how you plan on ending the distance - will you move to the same city after college? Will they come where you are? Will you move back home and be with them? If you have an end goal planned out, then you can probably handle seeing each other just a couple times a month. But if that's how your relationship is going to be forever, I've got news for you..

    These are all situational factors, and obviously things like how long you've been together, how good your communication and trust are, all matter too.


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  • LTR can b successful i believe... if both partners communicate daily :)

  • I couldn't do it personally, but everyone knows someone who somehow pulled it off.


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  • It can work although the odds are against it but if both people actually want to make it work for real and are convinced that it's what they truly want then the odds decrease. Any doubts will make the relationship unsuccessful.


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