How do I get over my boyfriend's fling?

My boyfriend had a fling right before he met me. They slept together and it still bothers me sometimes.. We are happy, but I don't know how to forget about the fling. He posted a picture of her and him on Facebook with the caption "gorgeous vs. sweaty". She is also much prettier than me as well (insecurity insecurity).. How do I forget about his past? Am I overthinking it?


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  • Did he post the picture after he hooked up with you? If so that's a bit inconsiderate maybe. But damn, don't fuzz over someone's past like that he's with you now!

    • He didn't post it after we got together, he did it before. It just bothers me a bit that he put up that photo of them together so quickly while he didn't know her for that long, while it took him months to put up one of us together :/ It makes me feel as if he wanted to show off with her, but not with me. It makes me feel like I'm less than her :(

    • Maybe he wanted to, but he's in your bed right? Isn't that all that matters?

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  • Is the picture old or recent? Just remind yourself that you got the guy and that was way before you two met

    • It was after we met. The thing is that it wasn't even that long ago after we met, so he posted it a coupoe of days before we met basically..

    • Oops i meant before we met*

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  • forget it... they r not dating anymore... so np i guess ;)


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