What should I do?

I met this woman through a friend. Things ended because she had depression and wasn't ready for a relationship; I ended it. She would then have panic attacks and lash out on me. I ignored her. Her mutual friend and I got closer after. We both ignored Sarah though. Eliza and fell for each other. When I told Sarah she flipped out and said Eliza was manipulative and called us every name in the book. I blocked her from fb and started dating Eliza. A year later Eliza and I broke up... she really turned into a bitch. Sarah has apologized to me and told me she had inflammation in her head and now she is back to normal. How should I handle this? Does Sarah deserve another chance?
This is what Sarah said to me, " I'm sorry for how I was. I was never angry at you but at myself for having depression and not being able to get better. Turns out I had inflammation in my head that caused my depression. I would love a chance to be friends now. For you to get to know the real me."


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  • sarah maybe deserves another chance... if eliza turned into a bitch better avoid her :)


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  • Inflammation? Like from head trauma or something? But either way, maybe. Just hang out and see what happens.

    • Yeah, she had a nasty viral infection that caused inflammation. She was told it was just depression for years until she went to a neurologist. He diagnosed her with inflammation that caused the depression which is why she couldn't get better.

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    • I posted what Sarah said. Or something like it.

    • Well, you did say that Eliza was lying to Sarah about hanging out with you while she was getting treatment. So that is lying. As for her being a bad friend, that is just an opinion. Opinions can't be wrong and everyone is entitled to them. You said that Eliza turned out to be a bitch after all.

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