How long is too long for a guy to text you after a date?

How long should it take for a guy to text you after a first date till I get he's not into me..
kinda felt like I iniated the date a little bit but I think it went really well he seemed interested told me I was cute soo yeah what do you think?


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  • about 6 days is to long I would text a girl every 3 days unless I really knew her then everyday


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  • I'd say 5 years is too long

  • You should have CALLED the next day.

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    • I don't mind being proactive but I want him to take control too I mean I pretty much iniated the first date ! He should put in effort too

    • I understand, but men think differently. For most men, we don't have schedules for this stuff nor do we have task lists for it. This stuff isn't as urgent for us as it is for women (which is why this GAG question is asked everyday by a woman and never by a man). So, you should be proactive within by Thursday.

      HOWEVER, one thing we do not like to do is reject a girl. That is difficult for us because it goes against our basic programming to take care of you. So, if we do reject a girl, it often happens passively (like not replying) especially when we are young. Another reason not to waste your time.

  • after 2 weeks or more i guess :)


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