Is there something wrong with being a person who is visually stimulated?

i am a visually-stimulated man which means i only like women for their looks and not much else. don't get me wrong, if she has a nice personality then that is great, but i just consider things like that a bonus once i have already started dating her. and when deciding which women to pursue i always go for the most physically attractive one available. however the people i know are always bashing me for this and despite the fact that i am a good person they act like my lifestyle makes me bad. is it really that bad to be visually stimulated?


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  • You know what almost every guy is like you but I guess what makes you different than them is that you are very honest that's all. Because you admitted this


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  • In life it is all about personal choice

    • then why do i get so much heat from people i know?

    • I think the social acceptable view is to say personality trumps looks.

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  • You sound a lot like my boyfriend haha. Some people are just that way.

    • exactly, right? i don't understand the constant heat and criticism i get over the women i fall for. even if it had anything to do with other people. it's not like these women are bad people and will have some sort of influence me. basically people are bashing me just because the women i date look a certain way. that is real shallowness if you ask me

    • Well I am not sure if you are this way, but he is very into the way he looks and I think he just expects the same back. He wants someone fit and healthy conscious someone active. This is expands to other areas as well. He is repulsed by overweight people. He is a good guy, but some of his judgements are rude. It's just the way he is and I have gotten used to it.

    • if your boyfriend is into fitness then i guess it make sense that he wants somebody who does the same. i actually know a few guys like that who are into bodybuilding and look down on people who are fat an out of shape lol. but i'm not like that at all. i'm hardly ever rude, i'm just easy-going and just plain nice. the reason i'm so partial to beautiful women is, like i said, i'm just visually-stimulated. simple as that lol

  • There's nothing wrong with that.


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