How long before you moved on from a relationship?

Just trying to get a general feel for how long before you felt ready to started to putting yourself back out there again after a relationship had ended?


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  • I can't be single so... Just because I am not over the previous person doesn't mean I wait until I am over them before I start looking. You never know who you may meet next. I do give a couple of weeks if it is the end of something serious, but after that I am good to move forward knowing I learned a lot from the previous situation.

    • So even if you aren't completely over a serious relationship you'd be willing to jump into a new one? This being said, do you feel as though some of these relationships that had ended ever play some sort of role in the new relationship you start?

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    • I hate being hit on and I love being loyal to someone. Yes, even when I'm not over the previous I start dating. I am not saying that I lockup people quickly, but I usually only date one at a time.

    • That is a interesting and cool answer. Thank you kindly for sharing that.

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  • Depends how long the relationship was and other issues (were you engaged, living together)?

    • Yeah, my ex and I were living together. 1.5 year relationship. Trust issues became a pitfall as she had fibbed quite a bit over time.

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    • I have a friend who jumps from guy to guy. Some people can't handle being alone.

    • True! That in of itself is a foreign concept to me. Seems so counter productive. We all want a relationship that works, but if no self reflection is happening, then what makes the next possible relationship any different? Its sort of a fascinating thing.

  • A few months if it was a serious relationship.


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