Need advice on this girl I really like, again?

So I like this girl a lot and don't know at this point if I should carry on with her or not. Basically, to make a long story short, we met two years ago and last yr we started hanging out again after school to either work out or just hang out and over time I grew feelings for her. End of Feb/early March, she broke up with her shitty boyfriend and is single. Around that time I did end up telling her how I felt about her. So I told her and she said that she feels the same BUT after her boyfriend she just wants a break. I say fine and give her space and stuff and now its May. It seems she's ready to date again but here's where problems arise.

I AM a transsexual and while I do, act, talk, look, and general am a guy I'm still, physically and biologically, a female. So I did, out of curiousity, ask her if she was even bi or anything. She said no and asked why. I said no reason but was confused cause if she's not bi, why will she say what she said? Either she sees me as a guy or said what she said to be nice, cause she's the type that hates to hurt people and will generally stay with certain guys and say certain things to avoid hurting others.

The second problem is with this guy she met. We're both 18 and this 25 y/o recently set his eyes on her. Now she's beyond beautiful and sweet and nice and everything, so I'm not surprised, and she told me she isn't with him although he's acting like they are. I just found out when I was posting something on her fb page and noticed what he put up. She also does talk highly of him, like finds him a really great guy and everything.

Don't get me wrong, if its him she's with good for her. But I'm very confused and I do like this girl a lot. I just don't know what I should do and if I should just try asking whats up, if I should just ignore it all in general, if I should be patient and wait this out, or if I should move on from her asap. I still wanna be friends though, cause she is a great friend. But what should I do?
Since someone asked, I think it's best to clear up I'm FtM pre-op and she's aware of this. I have her full support on this as well.


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  • you should move on.


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  • whoa hold on... when u say transexual... are u Ftm?

    • yes, ftm. Pre-op though and she's fully aware of this. Sometimes we honestly have conversations about how I'd look as a guy, with facial hair, more muscle, deep voice, etc. Most are initiated by her, lol.

    • if she doesn't care... then ok :)

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