Not about to put up with this shit. Advice?

Basically we go out on a first date it's great. We make out many times. We have blast. Then on the second date she's all sweet and cool and flirty but refuses to kiss me. She says it fun to watch me get frustrated. What kind of monster does that. Should I even ponder putting up with that. I really wanna be like fuck it. But uh she's pretty cool.


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  • She's just flirting, it's nice to see a guy get annoyed if he can't kiss you. It makes girls feel like they really want to


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  • Yea she's teasing you. Don't let it get to you. Act natural as if it doesn't bother cause if she sees that it bothers you then she'll keep doing it

    • I'm trying but it's tough.

    • I'm on the same page as you, I'm not into those hot and cold games but at this stage in your life it's important you learn how to deal with things like this. Learn to not let it bother you. Just be cool and don't let these teasing games get too you

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  • maybe she's saying this jokingly? :)

  • End it quick


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