Generally speaking, do people make it up when somebody says that a guy/girl likes them?

Let's say there's a middleman named sam. And sam told you that this guy likes you back.

Do people randomly make up the fact that someone is interested in someone else? Like I know there are always exceptions, but for the most part, if someone says "hey, this guy likes you", do you think there's some truth to it? Sorry I just find it hard to believe it when someone tells me someone is interested in me, you know what I mean?

- Also, this middleman is a guy. So I mean does it sound like a guy would make that up?


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  • Depends how good friends middleman and crush are if good friends, there is a strong possibility he is telling truth.

    • What if middleman is pretty neutral in terms of friendship to both parties? Like he knows both parties well, but isn't like best friends with them? Let me explain:

      Sam the middleman in my situation is a very social guy. He's one of those people who is friends to all, but doesn't really attach himself to any one group of people. He floats a lot, so he's always in everyones business. He's not very close to a lot of people, but at the same time, if you talk to him one on one, at that moment he's will act like you are the most important person on Earth. It's like a friend, but not really a close friend type situation, you know?

    • Is Sam trustworthy?

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  • It happens a lot.


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  • nope not at all... i cannot tell who they like or not unless i get 2 know em better :)

    • No but I mean if the guy who was interested straight up told the middleman, and the middleman told the girl. Is it a big or slim chance that the middleman is lying?

    • Oh and the middleman knows both parties well enough.

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