Pet names before first date?

i feel like the odd man out in society lately. Is it just me or do people hate being given pet names by relative strangers? I got a text by unknown # yesterday "wassup love" I'm like "who dis" . Said unknown # then went off about how i didn't save the number, said I've been m. i. a and how its sad, then sent pictures of themselves. He even commented how he didn't think i was the type to have kik. I remembered giving him my number one day, he's from my college and we held a 30 second convo months ago. After he sent the pictures we exchanged texts a little more then i stopped. Then he keeps texting "gm beautiful" "hey baby girl, Hey love". It annoyed me so much i won't text him again. I feel its invasive especially since i doubt he remembered my name or face. I wouldn't mind if we knew each other. Am i just weird and just need to get over it?


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  • If you don't want him to text you then reply to him telling him you're not interested.

    Why do women think that just randomly ignoring someone will make them stop talking to you? If he felt a connection with you he's not gonna just stop because you don't reply for a little while.

    • I normally would do that for someone, but there was no connection to be had. He literally stopped me while i was running to class and i gave him my number for what reason I don't know, but that was months ago. If he can't see that there is no connection, i can't help him.

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    • Pet names are not normal to call people you don't know.

      "it annoyed me so much I won't text him again". His texting annoyed you, so you posted it here. I'm pretty sure that's complaining.

    • No i meant caking me a pet name annoyed me. My whole post is about pet names. If i give a guy my number im not mad if they text me, how they correspond with me is what I'm annoyed at.

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  • I like pet names.


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