Any people out there dating others who dress or come from a different social class?

For instance: Either of you looks much different than the other. Very different style of clothing?


A different social class, something else...


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  • im married to someone who's style is completely different then mine.. does that count?
    like 100% different. haha

    • like?

    • like im a dorky white girl and he's a swag tastic black guy.
      the only thing we have in common looks wise is we are both fit and tatted.
      he dresses super nice and spends a lot of time on his looks and money on his clothes. im fine with throwing my hair up and wearing some jeans and a tank top.

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  • Not sure if this counts for your question, but I'm dating someone from a pretty different religious background -we actually started getting to know one another partly through theological discussions.

  • I have in the past.


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