Dreaming about my ex while dating someone?

So i started seeing my best friend about 2 weeks ago and everything is going good. About 10 months ago my ex and i broke up because things didn't work out and we had lost interest in each other. Although, this past weekend i had 2 dreams of my ex and i having sex and coincidentally this weekend would have been my 6th year with my ex.

Could this be happening cause of the memories? Or is it a sign not to date my best friend? Or what could this be?


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  • I think its the subconscious. Maybe you have had her in the back of your mind... anyway, me personally, I wouldn't date my best friend. I'd rather have a friendship than a relationship. Good friends are hard to come by...

    • Yea i agree with you but she said she liked me all of a sudden. I think its starting to make sense cause the more tine i spend with her the more i think about my ex. Somehow she reminds me of her. And maybe that is why i keep having dreams about her. Like i go to bed and all i think about is my ex and my best friend. Could you say this is a rebound? I dont even know whats going on in my head anymore. Thanks for the comment though

    • Your very welcome. If she in fact reminds you of said ex and you think about the both of them in comparions... the yes, it could in fact be a rebound. As for not knowing what's going on inside your head anymore, your heart has a way of fuckin with your brain sometimes. Try and take a step back and look at the situation as a whole.

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  • Well to be honest i don't think you are out of the woods yet with getting over your ex, my ex and I were together about a year ago and we were about 3years together, Im choosing to be single and just get my life back in shape however totally normal what you are going through man

    • Yea i wanted to do that and all of a sudden after being single for about 8 or 9 months my best friend told me she really liked me and i think i like her but the more spend time together the more i think about my ex and i can't focus on my best friend you know what i mean? I mean i dont want my ex girlfriend back at all yet being with my best friend reminds me of her all the time. This is messed up. Thanks for the conment though

    • Hmm well my best friend wanted to be together right after me and my ex broke up and i said no thank you. I'm done with relationships for now. I can easily say I'm happily been single for a year now. I'd say if anything ask her to give you a few weeks to think about it, just to mull it over and convince yourself she's gone. Well man my heart goes out for you either way best of luck

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