How do Indian/Brown guys do when it comes to dating in US?

How sucessful they are in attracting and dating American women?
Taking all stereotypes aside


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  • If they have respect and appreciation for women, they do just fine. If they bring Indian culture with them, they strike out.

    • Yeah pretty true I guess, many foreigners refuse to blend in and then bitch about getting discriminated against.

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  • I live in an area with tons of Indians. An observation I've made is many, many Indians struggle with assimilating into American culture and society. They are very introverted and close themselves off to the world. If you can get past that, I think dating would come right along.

    • This has been my observation too that they are reluctant to get along with other communities.

    • ABsolutely the truth. Some are friendly and a bit more extroverted, I'll be honest it always surprises me! But often times when I say hi to someone (guy or girl of any age really) that is Indian all I get in response is some awkward as fuck mumble lol. WTF communicate with people?

    • yeah and I never understand why all Indians are friends with only other Indians that are in that country. They love to isolate themselves to their own community for some reason. me on the other hand love talking to all kinds of people from different communities.

  • They are generally disadvantaged because of physical standards, but I think the biggest dealbreaker are the cultural values that don't mesh at all with what most Americans value.

    • yes quite right I guess, but I think many Indians do not feel that passionately about so called cultural values these days.

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