Is she just being nice?

Just started texting a girl. Her answers seem a bit short but she puts smilleys like happy ones, laughting and so on. I am a bit convinced that she is just being nice otherwise she would say something back. She does not seem to carry the conversation but as soon as she is online she replies to me instantly.

On the other hand, she may not know how to reply to my stuff. In which case it is still bad too, because I would need to change my jokes but I like them the best. I am worried mostly about this because I want to improve my interraction with women in general, I am okay with her just being nice to me.

So what should I do?


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  • Yeah she is

    • Was she being nice from the beginning or could I have dragged the discussion in the wrong way and she got bored? In the beginning it was more about how she is "f***** up men" and how she should "f*****" me up anytime she wants.

    • Nice from the beginning

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