How do I move forward with this?

I am so bad at dating, or maybe i have dated the wrong guys? I am 23 and never had a boyfriend.

Lately a new guy has been on my mind, a guy i dont meet or see that often but often enough. I see him whenever i am at work and this past year we have gotten more in touch, i have worked there for 4 years and so has he ( we dont work at the same place but the same mall).

Last Monday i was brave enough to add him on facebook after stalking and searching for him, and we talked on fcb a little bit. He stops by my job at times and we chat a little, i stalked his fcb and noticed how he had or has a girlfriend i am not sure.. it doesn't say in a relationship so i dont know..

I really like him and i think he is so adorable and his personality is great BUT i dont know how to make him ask me out, i want him to ask me out because i am afraid of being rejected and looking like a idiot.. what if he has a girlfriend i mean how silly wouldn't that be..

I wish i was brave enough to go up to him and be like hey want to grab some coffe together sometime.. and not do it on facebook but rather do it in person.. but im so lame ^^ and my brother said it is so desperate when a girl asks a guy out.. so maybe i should just wait it out? its been like 2 weeks only since i have started to notice him more and more..

Maybe just flirt and show interest a bit more before i jump the gun?

"Courage doesn't mean you dont get afraid, courage means you dont let fear stop you"
I guess i am a bit scared, and we work at the same place and i dont want it to be weird if he does reject me
I also dont think i want to risk it because for 4 years he has been a eyecandy ^^ and i dont want to lose him as it.. its safe :p


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  • If you don't know about a girlfriend then don't ask him out until you find out... I'm sure during one of your talks you can find a way to bring it up.. can't you? Don't touch the subject until you find out and when you do find out remember you work together and how it can change things if you did ask him out and he said no or even yes

    • well we dont work together we work at the same mall, he is a security guy there :) but i dont want to bring up anything before I've like flirted a bit more :S

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  • Do you have mutual friends or acquaintances? Maybe you can ask them whether he's dating anyone right now or not.

    • none, but i dnt know im thinking if he had a girlfriend, he wouldn't care much about talking to me and saying hi to me or liking my fcb pictures.. and he wouldn't be at work on our countries national day.. he would mention that he is going to be with his girlfriend when we talked last time..

    • the reason i think he does have a girlfriend is because the girl who tagged him in lovey dovey statuses in 2013-14 liked his newest prof pic..

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  • As I understood you don't have his phone number, I think you should keep talking with him on fb and after for a while you can get his phone number. maybe he ask you for your phone number, after that you and him can get closer. Working at the same place is very risky if you get answer 'no' when you ask him for out. You should wait and keep in touch with him.

    • we work at the same mall not same store.

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