Do insecure guys play mind games?

Do insecure guys play mind games? I can't take it anymore. Since we are not committed, do I have a right to say so? I am getting run off with this. I just expected better. I can't deal with this in a relationship for the long run. I want to tell him to go screw himself.
  • Do insecure guys play mind games to see if you really care?
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  • Do insecure guys NOT play mind games to see if you really care?
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  • I only feel insecure when the girl I like don't like me that much! Yes, I play mind games to attract her. example: By making her jealous, acting strong in front of her, and ignoring her to tell her that I don't want her to be just my friend.


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  • There is no safe or absolute answer. Some insecure guys have a habit of playing mind games while others do not.


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  • they're just showing their feminine side!

    jk jk please dont kill me :D

  • Insecure guys play mind games not to see if u really care but because they don't even know they are doing it


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