Have you asked someone out and then later wanted to take back what you said?

I asked someone out over text. They haven't replied yet, but now I'm having second thoughts and kinda freaking out that I asked her out. Basically freaking out over nervousness, the fact that I don't know her very well at all, and now things are gonna get awkward and complicated which... is both parts frightening and stressful lol.

Not really trying to find a solution for my problem haha. Not the first time I freaked out, so kinda used to it. But just curious, has anyone had something like that ever happen to you?


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  • I think we've all gone through that- if you didn't mean it, let that person know and just be sincere and I'm sure they'll understand :)

    You shouldn't be so hasty next time :) hope things work out! Don't freak out too much, just see how things go and proceed with caution lol :))

    • It started as a random idea, then it'd gain traction because of some coincidence of her doing something that makes the idea more possible. I'd get too caught up in the idea and excitement, that when I realised what I've done I just freak out haha..

      And yeah I'll try to proceed with caution lol.

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  • That's just fine!
    Being out with someone doesn't mean = relationship.
    Dating someone = getting to know each other
    That must be the mindset you should have! to not feel so nervous since she didn't reply yet. If she say yes why don't you take the opportunity to get to know her?
    If you like each other then kiss her and go for another date ! If not then bye
    When it happens to girls. You're mindset should hangout, have fun and hook up. And you would get laid a lot :) Haha, I do have a date every week! And that it should be ! Of coarse its either yes and no! And don't freak out if someone says no ! that is why you should more than 1 girl at a time! and schedule them right if they say yes for you to have lots of opportunity

    • Haha icic. I can't get over the anxiety of trying to get a relationship since i'm not young anymore, and that just makes me really stressed and expectant. But yeah I'll still try to go ahead with it if she's okay lol.

    • If you have time try search in youtube ! "coach corey wayne" watch all he's video and download his ebook you will learn a lot from him. Oh God! please help yourself you need a dating coach. Promise, you won't regret it. Just search "Coach Corey wayne" Download his ebook in google not in his site it's free

    • Didn't know there's a youtube channel for that! but in hindsight of course there would be lol.

      Thanks for the recommendation, will check it out!

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  • No. But, I've complimented guys before, biggest mistake ever. (I have no idea what this has to do with anything).

    • Erm. lol. I suppose they got the wrong idea when you complimented them. Maybe they really don't get complimented much so it's a major thing for them. I don't get high on compliments but when a girl treats me really friendly i still get confused feelings. haha.

    • They always do. Without fail.

  • You need to relax, it is just a date! Take her out, and have a good time.

    • lol I'll try to. Thanks!

  • No because I make sure I really like the guy before I do anything about it so I don't hurt their feelings! Why do men rush, say something and in the end dont mean it? Soooo pathetic... dont ask someone out unless you know for sure you want to date them, woman are not play things where you can just ask them out and then change your mind whenever you feel... we have feelings too.

    You put your between 25-29... Are you sure?

    • It's not that I don't want to date them... it's like I'm afraid to lol. I'm kinda introverted so a lot of times I have to think long and hard about accepting friends' invitation to go out. If it doesn't seem fun or looks like its gonna put me in an awkward position I'd turn it down and stay at home lol.

    • Ahhhh okay! I see I can be that way too! Take your time no need to rush.

    • This is no way to live! It is also call social anxiety. Talk to a counsellor or therapy as they will be able to improve your quality of life.

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