Does Sagittarius tend to give up for girl because his another friend is in love with same girl too?

I mean when sags best friend love same girl would he reject because of him?


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  • Horoscopes have nothing to do with it. Unless the guy is a dick ALL guys would do that.

    • Not if both people actually love her. You're young, but you'll understand it one day, if you truly care about someone you let her choose, you don't let some bro code make the choice for her.

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  • Zodiac sign has nothing to do with behavior. But, to answer your question: No. I'm Sagittarius and if I like a girl I'll go for her.
    But like I said, Zodiac sign means nothing.

  • I'm a Sagittarius and I feel this would be something I'd do. Though I think everyone is different and feel that a zodiac sign doesn't really say much about who a guy is.


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