Do you think this will work out? Do you think there moving to fast? What are you thoughts on it all together? Please give answers I'm so upset?

The guy I was talking to Met someone on the Internet. Made her his girlfriend within a week. Knew eschother for 9 weeks and now going on vacation together. Is it moving to fast? Do you think it will workout in the end?


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  • I think they're moving too fast so it probably won't work out but it's pretty immature to hope for them to fail out of jealously


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  • What's it to do with you or are you hoping it ends out of jealousy lol. Sounds that way. It's not too soon for a trip anywhere but if it was moving in or becoming engaged yeah too soon. A holiday isn't that big a deal. Why don't you find someone an forget them as it's not your business lol


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