How is the feeling of being rejected?

I am not seeking to date, since I am in a relationship now. But I am still curious about it, as I am super afraid of being rejected.

This is my 6th relationship, and never be rejected before. I think it is because among the first 5 relationships I was not seeking a relationship at the first time when I asked a girl out for the first time, so we developed a relationship even barely without the feeling and did not consider rejection.

Three months ago I met my girlfriend and unlike before, I was suddenly attracted to her and wanted to ask her out. I spent a lot of time to think how to say it since I am for a relationship, and I was very scared of being rejected by her. I succeeded eventually, but the fear of rejection never reduced.

And according to my fear of rejection, I think I will get extremely mad if I get it.

1. How is the feeling of being rejected?

2. How to overcome it?

3. How do you get over it if you get it?

Not a guy-only question! Both men and women please feel free to answer!


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  • 1. How is the feeling of being rejected?
    You never feel great when you are rejected.

    2. How to overcome it?
    With anything, rejection is a part of life.
    You do not always get what you want, when you want it.

    3. How do you get over it if you get it?
    When you realize (number 2), that rejection is a natural part of life you dwell on it less.
    You learn to not take things so personal.
    There are numerous reasons why one may reject you (it doesn't always necessarily mean they aren't interested).
    Sometimes it can mean,
    -They just got out of a relationship (aren't ready)
    -They aren't ready to make a commitment (they want to have fun before settling down).
    -They are focused on their career (have little time for a relationship)
    -They are already trying to get to know someone else in that way etc.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Well you have her so what is the concern? Cheating? Leaving you?

    Maybe it's not about the fear of rejection after all, maybe you are truly afraid that she will leave you for somebody else?

    • No, I mean just the fear of rejection.
      Just for curiosity, since I am super scared of rejection.

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    • Because I was feared of it, and this is the first time I asked a girl out while I was seeking a relationship.
      I was trying to make every detail perfect, so I spent quite a long time.

    • Yea I know I read it. I just don't understand why people aren't more open to their feelings. That's all.

  • its not that bad just shake it off and move on.


What Guys Said 4

  • It'll hurt you as much as you let it, proportional to how important the relationship was to you.
    ^ This is about where I've been for the last month.

  • You know what? you are coming from a place of fear!!! That is sooooo BAD in relationship!! Why you ask that? You are expecting that you're girlfriend will break your heart someday!!! Why don't you just think of today! Don't you know? I makes you more insecure to her and she can probably sense that and can lose attraction!!!
    You should change your belief in order to correct you path! You should came from the place of confidence that you are enough for her!!! now! before it's to late
    Don't act like a b*tch in a relationship! You are a man! You think James Bond would ask that to himself? That's ridiculous!!! But expect it if you won't change your mindset. being rejected would feel like a dagger inside your heart. Thing that you want to get off but you can't. And all you can do is to move on and find another girl to get laid

  • I think we take the fear of rejection to our deathbeds.

    • How to overcome it? Before the first time I asked her out, I could not sleep well every night, and the same before I asked her if she wanted to be with me. All of those were caused by the fear of rejection.

  • Nothing worse than this.

    • Can you describe it? I am just curious.

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