When should I text this girl that I have been talking to?

Hey guys so I been talking to this girl for over two weeks, we text a lot and recently started talking on the phone for hours. But yesterday she did not reply back to my texts or call me. I know she did this once before and texted me after the whole day went by. So what do you guys think is she playing hard to get? and how long should I wait to text her again


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  • No, she's a Colts fan and is trying to rub in last weeks win. I hate Colts fans, and the Colts and Peyton Manning and all his commercials. Refs had a bad spot, Patriots should have won that game, and I lost a lot of money because of that. I would simply text her back and tell her Tom Brady is better, and the Patriots are the best team ever in the history of football. Go Pats!

    • This is true lol

    • In all seriousness, she has other obligations and stuff to do. if you don't hear from her until the end of one day- don't take it seriously. She's busy. It sounds like she's definitely interested in you based off the conversations you two have and the constant communication level. I think you're reading too far into it. If you do make that a big deal, it might push her away, so just be careful. Good luck buddy

    • Yeah I mean its been a day, and so far I been waiting all day today, so I might text her tomorrow...but your right thanks

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