I need your opinions, is it the time I ask the dreadful question in casual dating "what are we?

We've been already on 5 dates and had sex too.

I like him, we hit it off. I tried to gauge the level of my jealousy and its quite bad. I want to know where he's going after work and with whom and stuff, by the way i never asked him these, all in my head only. I dont like that he's seeing others, well if he really is.

I want to save a lot of heartache so im a bit decided now to ask him "What are we?" Is it a good idea?


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  • 5 dates... ok then yeah... it's a good # of dates :)


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  • Yeah, go ahead and ask him "what are we?", but you really ought to work on your jealousy issues. If you're already feeling jealous and possessive before you've even made it exclusive, I can only imagine what you might be like once you get a committment out of him...

    • That is so true.. I love his company.. Do you think i should just continue the way we are and should not feel butthurt if he's openly dating others? Im really confused

    • No, if you want to be exclusive, then you should talk to him about that. If he feels the same way about you as you do him, then he will agree to it. If he wants to continue to date other girls after you talk about it, you'll want to re-evaluate whether you want to continue dating him, as it will surely make you feel resentful (which is totally valid) if he continues dating other people. But, if you haven't talked about it, and he has been seeing other girls during this time, that's OK and he has done nothing wrong.

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  • Ask him if there are other girls... Ask him if he wants more... Five dates deserves clarification.


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  • How often are you guys seeing each other? Everyday? 5 dates is kind of soon... any more details

    • Not everyday. More like 1-2 a week. I actually brought up the "fwb" status but seems like he didn't like it. Also he told me some of his experience in online dating (we met online) he met some girls who he wasn't interested and only sat for 1-2 hours and he didn't send message again to these girls. We dont message everyday too. Most, when we are just going to meet. Also, our last sex was sweet. We were cuddling for the first time.

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    • He initiates the dates but i asked once. I dont really want to look clingy so i dont text him often.

    • As long as you don't blow it up you wouldn't be clingy. But then again you don't want to appear needy either. If you do want to ask him just keep it breezy. You guys are sleeping together...

  • I wouldn't say it that way. I would ask if he wants to be exclusive with you

    • How should i start asking? I want to know if he's seeing other girls.. Do or die situation lol

    • You can ask that

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