What would be a good point to meet the kid of a guy you are dating?

This is my first time being involved with a guy that is a single dad. I don't have any kids. Him and I were having a conversation about what point would be good in meeting his daughter. He's been courting me for about 8 months now. I'm 27 and he's 28.


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  • Depends on how things are going. Whether you think this will be long term, etc. If it is more than friends with benefits then once you both feel secure with one-another then it may be good. However, it may be fine anyway as long as you met the child as a friend of the child's dad and you guys aren't all mushy and touchy around eachother in front of him.

    If it were me and my child I would let you meet at this point but call you a friend and keep the affection at zero around the child. Just act like any other friend. As the child gets to know you and feel more comfortable and as your relationship strengthens then maybe you can ramp that other stuff up.

    • We actually aren't even sexually intimate with each other yet. I decided to be abstain and we've pretty much just been building on our friendship.

      Things seem to be going really well with us, he's the one who brought up the question... but didn't have an answer lol. I don't think I'd even feel comfortable showing affection of more than just a hug in front of her...😔

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  • immediately sooner is better ya


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  • Each case is different but for me it was a good 7 months or s after we had been exclusively dating before he met my daughters. He has a son that I didn't meet until then either.

    • What do you say in those situations? Like I tend be very shy when first meeting anybody, let alone someone's kid😱. I'll feel like she's judging me lol

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