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Does any girl ever regret dating the arrogant type of guy?

So I am talking of the arrogant guys. Not confident as that is different. Arrogant as in he thinks he deserves you or that you owe him something. Also that after your relationship you can be a friends after two years of no contact.

So my ex who recently got back in touch is a prime example of the most arrogant dude I dated. He literally thinks the world owes him something yet he gives nothing in return. He's so arrogant he got back in touch after 2 years an had cheek to ask if I am over him.

As if there was anything to get over. He was selfish , unloving, unromantic, rude etc. Everything you don't want in a boyfriend an I wish I did end it sooner. He did me a favour leaving my life.

To have the audacity to try come back in it though disgusted me. He got in touch March. Then again May a few days ago exactly. I would kind of get it if we dated it went wrong an we was better as friends an we're friends after splitting. But you don't go two years not talking then expect to rectify anything with an ex from another city?πŸ˜‚

His message from two days ago was hey thought I'd message as I need to lean on to you basically just broke up with my chick an feel some type of way. Not only did he dump me an tell me got someone else in 2013 but he now has nerve to seek support after he has a break up. I mean come on πŸ˜ΈπŸ™€

I truly made a big mistake dating him an I do regret it I know we shouldn't have regrets but he is one of mine as I wish I never met the thug. He is just bizarrely self important.

Compared to to other exes he is the devil. My other relationships things fizzled out an guy was too immature an not ready to commit so was normal circumstances. Other arrogant guy was a player who lied about his other life. He had a child an everything I found out months after dumping him for suspicious behaviour.

i realise now when a guy shows you he is believe it an trust your instinct. He would lie to my face an act like it was nothing. An act like girls have done him wrong when he is the one who was so spineless.

i am just sorry to any nice guy I may of let slip by due to my clear bad choices which I am acknowledging. I will definitely be picky with next guy I let in my heart. πŸ’”

Does any girl ever regret dating the arrogant type of guy?
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