What do I do if I am trying to make everyone happy and can't... 3 guys I care about like me and I don't know what to do?

okay so there are 3 guys. #1 is known as an asshole and uses guys but I have been hearing all over that he is trying to change for me, but i also am attracted to him and the physical connection is there. #2 is a total sweetheart has always been there for me, the connection is there but he can sorta get shy. we can text or talk on the phone for hours but in person its awkward. and #3 is so nice less awkward, I haven't known him for that long but he always sweet. I just don't want to hurt anyone and don't know who to "choose". just don't want to screw up ya know


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  • When in doubt, make yourself happy.

    1) People who are commonly described as "sssholes" won't ever change enough.
    2) Talk in person more so he gets used to you and you get used to him. Practice makes perfect.
    3) If this connection is strong than guy #2, well...

    Go for whoever you feel like.


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  • When you do pick, make sure your honest with the other two, don't try to soften the blow, just be straight with them...
    Best way not to burn those bridges


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  • You can't please everyone. Follow your gut.


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