Ladies and Gents of GaG I need your opinions! Can you help?

I have been single for a while now because I was taking a break from all the drama and selfishness that I encountered during dating. I think I am ready to give dating a try again.

Ladies where do you meet guys to potentially date? What are some places that you wouldn't want a guy to approach you?

Guys where do you normally meet girls that you end up dating?

I do not enjoy the bar or the club scene so that is not an option for me.


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  • I would think joining a Bowling league of some kind,
    maybe some type of speed dating that would take place
    that might interest me but i don't get involved in bar scene,
    maybe non-alcoholic clubbing


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  • I've met lots of nice guys at the park!

  • My aunt told me.. you don't look for good partners, they will find you :)

  • -At work
    -Dating sites


What Guys Said 2

  • guess u should try places like libraries then?

    • Honestly I have spent a lot of time at libraries over the years for research purposes and never had an interaction with the opposite sex. It might have been me too focused on my task at hand.

  • the only place I trust to meet a conscious, faithful female is in those christian churches.

    Otherwise you'll be stumbling on cheating atheists and promiscuous Catholics when you go to bars or clubs.

    • Just because someone goes to church doesn't mean they are a good person. I have met some really messed up women that went to church regularly.

    • That's true...

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