Is he interested?

There's this guy at school that talks to me every time he sees me, at times I catch him looking at me. He asked me what I was doing on the weekend and If I was going out to hit him up so we can party together. He gave me his number , we share a few text messages but now it has been 4 days and and neither has texted , I was waiting for him to text but nothing. I found out he is on vacation so can that be the reason why he's not texting me?
I texted him two nights ago saying he crossed my mind and just wanted to wish him a goodnight and it took him like two hours to reply with just good night


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  • 4 days... not much. since when u started texting each other?


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  • Seems like it... and indeed, he probably hasn't texted you because he's on vacation but you don't have to wait for him to text you, ya' know? Text him and ask how his vacation is going. If you like him make plans to hangout or something. :)


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  • maybe because he didn't have data or wifi but you know you can text him first its oh ok for you to text him its doesn't have to be always him

  • I think he is.


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