Girls, Did she just miss the message or is she ignoring me (part 3 of 3)?

6. Last message. The weekend after. I caught her online and asked her how did her week go. She didn't see it right away. And then I censored myself and I added "you know what, perhaps this messages are getting a litlle silly of me. I would like to ask you something. I would like to call you (does your phone number still ends in ###?) Do you prefer that I write it here instead?" I wanted to say I would like to see her and ask her if she'd like to get a coffee one of this days, like a Saturday afternoon.

I prefer to call her, but don't have her number (she has to confirm if it still is the old one I have from 07/08), so I asked if she prefers me to write it there, in case she doesn't want to give it to me.

It's been 12 days and she didn't answer. The 'read' sign doesn't show. This is upsetting me because:
- On one hand I find it hard to believe that she didn't read the message yet (she can make the 'read' sign not to show by marking the message as 'unread' on her message centre). She doesn't go to facebook a lot, but I have seen her online a couple of times since I sent the message.
- On the other hand I find it hard to believe she did that (read it and then mark it as 'unread'). That would be a litlle cold of her and I don't think she would do that. She is usually nice and friendly.

What doy you think? Did she just miss the message or is she ignoring me?


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  • Relax dude you are beginning to sound like a stalker. Its no wonder she stops txting she's paranoid.

    • Lol, no. I can understand you perceive me as a stalker because you are badly impressed with the detailed way I described the situation and the fact that I overthink it all. But all I did as sent her 3 messages in 8 weeks. All very polite. The first two, chats you could have with any friend to catch up a little. And the last one, is expressed above. The most that might have happened is she, just for the fact that I send her the texts, especially the last one, after not having talked to her for so long, suspect that I do like her and finding it odd (which I understand, but that would still be much of a long shot of her).

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    • she probably caught on. or likes you and won't admit it.

    • I find it very hard to believe one or the other (well, the latter is just impossible) that's why it bugs me that she didn't answer. Or better, it bugs that it doesn't show the 'read' sign 'cause then I would know she had seen it and didn't want to answer. This way I just don't know. If she didn't see, I wouldn't mind trying again. If she saw, I don't want to insist and be incovenient.

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  • She's ignoring you. You can see if you got a message from someone with out reading it. And if she's been on fb then she's seen your message. Quite over thinking bc you sound creepy. If she wants to go on a date she will make it happen.

  • I honestly think she missed the message. If she didn't then she doesn't deserve you!

    • Thank you, it's very considerate of you to say she doesn't deserve me if she did read the message. But I mustn't think that way, I must think that if I do like her that's because I saw something special in her, different from the other girls. And I shouldn't hold some small thing like this against her.
      Still in 7 or 8 opinions i've got you're the first to think she just missed it. That's very optimistic of you. I myself don't really believe it.

  • You know man, you should just relax. You are creepy.

    • Lol, I can understand why you would say that. I overthink stuff and I wrote it very in detail, because I thought it would be better to have context. But you shoudn't say that to people you don't know. I don't mind it but there's people more vulnerable out there and sometimes these litlle comments affect them.

  • She's ignoring you.


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