Girls, Did she just miss the message or is she ignoring me (part 2 of 3)?

4. First Message - Early April. I explained I wanted to know how she was doing. We talked, interruptedly, for two days. The conversation was good, she was very friendly. In the end I said I enjoyed having talked to her and she replied the same, and that I could leave a message anytime I wanted (but I think this was her being nice to make me feel free to text her again the next time I wanted to know from her - like, presumably, in two months or so)

5. Second message. 5 weeks later (I wanted to text her sooner, but I was afraid doing it would come off weird). I asked her if , the weekend before, she had gone to this city, she said "no, why?" and I said I tought she might have attended this classic music event there. I was trying to spark a convo about something of her interest (she's a violinist). And then I asked her some questions about that. This conversation went just ok. Her answers were relatively short. It was a bit late and perhaps, the way I pose the questions doesn't give much room to expand. In the end I reminded her to tell mum she loves her the next day (as it was Mother's Day). She smiled and sent kisses.


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  • Unfortunately it doesn't sound very hopeful. You've made effort here and she hasn't really responded in any manner more than polite. Until now, when it seems she's actively ignoring you. She responded quickly to the other messages, yeah? Now this is taking days to respond to? Sad to say, but I think your best bet is to cut your losses now and not write again. Let her go and find someone who at least has the decency to politely decline. It's not fair to leave you hanging like that, very disrespectful. Good luck, you'll find a nice lady who will reciprocate your interest, don't worry. :)

    • as to the other messages: she would reply some hours later. it's not like we're responding instantly, we would just be leaving replies to each other some hours later.
      this message, honestly, i'm not expecting her to answer anymore, what intrigues me is the fact that it doesn't show the 'read' sign. I don't know whether she just didn't see it or is ignoring me. If she is not, I wound't mind trying again, but if she is I don't want to insist and be incovenient.

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    • I completely get what you're feeling and thinking, but again, if she's really a good friend to you then she would never want to be rude to you and ignore you. So if you were to reach out again and she was bothered, then it just means she was never a good friend and you should let it go. If she IS a good friend then she'll feel bad for having not responded and all will be well! Trust me. If she cares in any shape or form, she won't be bothered by you reaching out again.

    • Yeah, that makes sense. Thanks. But still, I think I'll give it a few weeks before I try again. I can understand if she suspects me texting her 3 times in 8 weeks after not having said anything for 2 and a half years somehow reveals something (or maybe that's just crazy of me) and I can understand if she finds it awkward.

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  • this is worse than watching paint dry...

    let her go please.

    • what do you mean, I'm not an English native speaker, I don't exactly understand the metaphor. It is too boring?

  • She's ignoring you.


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