It's been a few months and I feel like where stuck. Do I talk to him about it?

The guy I'm dating is kind of reading hot and cold. Now everything has been slow from the start but I'm concerned considering we haven't had sex more due to his reservations. When i asked whats up he said his last relationship blew up in his face and he wants to do this right but it's seems like he's almost scared to say or do anything to make us move forward.

Every time we move forward he seems to fight and pull away shortly after. We were good friends first and I want him to confined in me like he would before. Should I ask?


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  • Don't ask about his reservations directly, because he will resent being put on the spot. But this won't fix itself if you do nothing. Identify to him what you want in this relationship, forget what his hangup is. If he isn't up to the task, you have a hard choice to make. He may need a chance to decide what he really wants with some time to himself without a relationship to be worried about. There may be someone else out there for you who is just waiting for the opportunity to give you want you need in a relationship.


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  • Talk to him.


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  • guess he's afraid for anything seripus actually :)


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