Is it okay if my girlfriend said she won't change for me or anyone else?

Okay, my girlfriend neither talk much nor start a topic on a conversation. If the topic somehow ends for eg: Did u like that movie? She would reply 'yes' and I would say 'okay' and she would say 'okay'.. Its really irritating cuz she wouldn't start another topic then. Or she would say 'And say'... I'm realy fed up. I contacted her frnds and they would she has the habit for the start and neither does she talks much to them too.. I somehow had a talk about this to her and she told she won't change for me or anyone else and said if you have a problem you have to handle this cuz everyone has some flaws. And one more thing of it is that she would reply me after a min or so even though she's online. She would just talk to her friends. I nearly think she's more intrested in her friends than me.
Or am I just overthinking about it I don't know. :(

What do u think guys and girls?
p. S- We're in a Long distance relationship


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  • You sound boring try to tease her a little bit and be silly stop acting like a tool be wild.

    • HELL NO ! I can surely guarantee you that I'm not boring.
      Okay, not sounding like some hero or something but I got lot of female friends and we often hang around andddddd I'm always at cracking jokes.
      I was same to my girlfriend but I eventually got stuck to thing of her's

    • Dude just be spontaneous have sex with her in a public area its fun jus be careful

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  • it's bound to fail

  • You're overthinking!


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