Should I stay away from him?

There's this guy I met once. We kissed last year before vacation. We spent months without seeing each other, and when I saw him again, he was going out with another girl. It turns out that he's a kind of a womanizer, and he's only 16. But we kept in touch and we're kinda friends now. The thing is that I may want to kiss and spend time with him again and he knows that. He doesn't ignore me and he shows interested on me, but the fact is that he doesn't chase me, EVEN though he's been explicit that he wants to "see" me again. He only makes a move when I seem not to care anymore. He helped me with a physic exam and we got to talk a bit. He smiled at me many times and I know he had a great time just as I did. But I'm just another girl to him. What should I do? Thanks in advance and sorry for my English , it's not my first language.


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  • Yes, you should give up... if he does nothing to see you, just give up...


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  • He doesn't sound too good for you huh. But it's up to you


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