Is this a slow fade?

I've been on two dates with this man that I met on OKC. We hit it off pretty well and we had two dates in one week. The second date ended in a sleepover. He called me the next day and I was very happy about that.

On Saturday I asked him if he want to hang out on Sunday and he told me that he was going to be busy with his children but that we would see how things went. I did not hear anything from him that day. Monday rolled around and I ended up having to contact him first, same situation on Tuesday. Wednesday I decided to test him and see if he was going to text me first and we ended up not talking that day.

I know that he can't think that this is a casual sex relationship because I explain to him in my profile and in person twice that I wanted a relationship. Just recently as two days ago he said to me, "I have so much to teach you". Like he was going to be around for a while.

I asked him on Tuesday if I was bothering him at work and he told me that Mondays and Tuesdays are his busiest days of the week. He said, "you're not bothering me at all."

If this is a slow fade then that means he's a coward and I don't want him anyway. He could have at least said something since we did have sex and he said that he had no problem telling someone that it's not going to work out.

Do you think this is a slow fade?


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  • In my opinion he is seeing if someone better is going
    To come his way if not he will be back to you
    You should not of had sex so soon... lol
    Sorry I have seen similar situations

    • What the fuck does me having sex have to do with this?

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    • Lol.. what's your number?

    • You look cute when you mad

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  • I agree that you have every right to contact him, since you had sex. Personally the speed of this brand new 'romance' seems a bit fast, so it's possible he got what he wanted and is bailing now. What did he say on HIS profile? Was he looking for a relationship? Either way, I don't think it sounds like a fade at all. He called the next day which is good, and you know Mon and Tues are really busy for him. At this point, since you don't really know him all that well, you could either be paranoid and untrusting or you can give him the benefit of the doubt and believe him, since you have no reason NOT to trust him... yet. Give it time, go out and keep busy, let him come to you. If you don't hear from him in a few days then reach out. Good luck!

    • Lmao this is exacctly what I said. Silly cow, not you @jen80

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    • Its called tough love hun. But I see you wanted some comforting words as well. Plus a paragraph... anyways it seems like all 3 of us are telling you the same thing

    • How the FUCK are you going to give a STRANGER tough love? If you didn't feel like putting your brain in what you were going to say you should have kept your fucking mouth shut.

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  • RELAX, you've seen him 2x in 1 week already... stop begging for attention and keep yourself busy, he will come around.

    • Please explain to me how I'm begging for attention?

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    • Number one. It's early in the morning I didn't expect to be a lot of replies first place.

      Number two I have no problem with your advice because I'm going to take it. BUT Your delivery was fucked up. How do you expect someone to react when you tell them to stop begging for attention. That part could have been completely left out of the comment and I would have been okay. Would you have told someone in person to "stop begging for attention?"

      You coming me crazy, I'm going to come right back at you crazy.

    • didn't come at you crazy, your crazy took control of you and made me look crazy.

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  • You can't really expect a guy online to go any faster than this? So this isn't a slow anything yet

    • I don't know that. I've never tried online dating before.

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    • And he called you after sex so don't start getting worried already

    • Ok thanks

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