Guys, New Man... he is awesome.. but?

I bumped into this man on the bus, and we exchanged numbers. Then after we mysteriously bumped into each other at the train station, (3times) where I was doing my pick up of my 6 year old from his Dad's weekend visit.
We talked on the phone on, and off for a month. I had an issue, with a group of friends, he was sympathetic, and great with giving advice.
Then we started dating so far its been 5 weekends.
He eats,(i recieve food stamps) plays with my son... actually really plays... video games, and taught him how to ride his bike last weekend.
The problem is he has not spent any money on me. No dates, or a restaurant, or chinese food, or anything.. He is awesome but how do I ask him or breach this subject?
This is a red flag for me, and I figure if I question it now then I can deal with it properly.
This is presently happening
Thank you for the advice, and responses... i appreciate the time anyone takes :-)


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  • It is a serious red flag. You don't want a man who is a leech or a slacker. Sounds like he may be one. Instead of phrasing it to be about money, tell him it would be nice to get out somewhere.


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  • What's the relevance of the bus and train? He could be a good guy that just doesn't want to waste his money on driving?

    I would ask him if he liked the idea of going out just you and him and see how that turns out. Just say you want more one on one time.

    It's certainly better than him being uninterested in your son though. At least he shows interest in him too.

    • My son is always with me because his Dad has problems... so this weekend will be the first time we are alone...

  • Just drop a few hits that money being tight you and your son seldom get out and go anywhere or do anything. Unless he is as thick as Alaskan ice he will get the hint

  • guess he likes being wid yer son mostly... and he's using u, coz of this :)

  • He isn't really obligated to. But just ask him in a direct manner and explain to him why you see a problem in that.


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