I asked her out on a date its now the day of and I have yet to hear from her I feeel like this isn't gonna happpen?

i got this date today with this girl, if she doesn't bail last minute ( Not saying she will) starting to get nervous about it. i told her on Monday dont make plans on Thursday im taking her out and about 15mins later she text me back sorry she was doing something and ok and then she asked where we are going i told her. then i didn't hear from her till the next day then she replyed with ahaha okay. then i asked for her address cause im pickign her up and she sent it to me then i asked what she was up too and i didn't hear from her again that day. the next day she snaps me at like 8am her playing with her pet cat. and then again at like 2am she snapps me again her playing with something and somthign on her tongue i replied and she didn't say anything back. now today i text her that i was gonna be like 5 mins late cause i gotta take somene to the airport that was around 12 its now 3 i have yet to hear from her and i told her i was gonna pick her up at 6. im kinda getting the impression this isn't going to happen and she's kinda agreed casue she's being nice


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  • Call her at 6 and see if she answers, if she does then ask her if she is ready for you to come pick her up.

    If she doesn't answer, try calling again around 7, if she doesn't answer that time send her a text thanking her for wasting your time when she could have easily turned it down. She should get the point she was being a bitch and wasting your time if that's the final case.

    In all honestly she's probably just playing mind games seeing if you'll crack.

    • i can do that but i kinda take a hint but itsj ust strange she gave me her address ;/

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    • yea i never heard from her its cool tho

    • Yeah fuck it man her loss, you did everything right by not contacting her a lot. She was just an attention whore, now you know what signs to look for so it doesn't happen again! :D

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  • maybe she's nervous about the date and that's y she didn't text?

    • so what do i do if i dont hear from her? dont show up at her house lol?

    • did anything happne?

    • i never heard back from her haha my friend thinks i should have called her and maybe she was actually waiting for me. i haven't heard from her since Wednesday ;/

  • call her
    " just wanted to make sure "

    • but i kinda already trolled out a text to her that seems like its too much

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    • then why would she agree and give me her adddress

    • thats not the point right now

  • you'll be okay just relax and deep breathe

    • i gues if i dont hear from her by 6 its defiantly not happening lol

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