Do girls change their mind over time about dating a guy, as she didn't say not but she is not looking for anything at the moment?

I said in response to her finding out she may be moving -
I hope you don't or change your mind, I was planning to ask you out on a date :)

She didn't say no to a date but said -

Aww i;m sorry, i think you' seem nice but im not looking for anything at the moment, hence me deleting that pof account. Thanks though :)

Other info you should now is she may be moving soon, talks a lot with me on facebook and we met on a online dating site where she did state she wanted a relationship. Could she be testing me as well to see if I still want to be friends.

Do you think give it time and she may change her mind as a i have looked on yahoo and loads of girls have said they change their mind once they find out a guy likes them.


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  • Yes, there are fickle people who have a habit of changing their minds.

    • Don't you think if she wasn't interested she would have just said no instead of saying at the moment?

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    • Okay right so it's a maybe then? I mean why would she add someone on facebook off a dating site if their wasn't any intrest at all?

    • Because she wants to kill some time with him. It doesn't mean she is into him.

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  • as i told u, u should keep her as a friend ;)

    • But i'm confused as hell as I feel a bit love with her, all the questions I posted about does she want me to ask her out everyone single person including you said yes she does, she is totally into you. Is she testing me? Is it because she may be moving? I feel head over heels for her and thought she felt the same.

      Do you reckon I should meet up with her person as a friend?

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  • Dude i have a very similar situation

    • please share it's frustrating ain't it as i didn't get a no more like a postponed yes

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    • Dude i swear same situations just different girls its funny

    • Yeah it is girls make a rubix cube look simple, is their any signs i should look out for on facebook from her?

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