What should I do?

I normally date Spanish guys just cause they are sexy and i can relate to them more than African American guys. I am frm the virgin islands, but i will say that some people do not consider me to be black since i am not loud, or however a black person acts. I met this black guy who seems to like me and i told him i do not normally date black men and why and he seemed to be upset but a few days later, he gave me a rose at work. he says he likes me but he just met me a week ago. i said i keep an open mind and i wouldn't mind getting to know him but he is 34 and i am 23, and he has 2 kids and i have none. it just seems a lot to wrap my head around, but I don't know. what should i do? he seems nice and sweet.


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  • A few things wrong with this post

    Didn't know black was a behavior and not a race.
    So people don't consider you black because your behavior isn't stereotypical?
    So, based on that , that would mean a good amount of the population isn't black... If that is what it means to be black.

    The fact of the matter is you are an afro-carribbean woman. Your behavior and antics do not define your racial identity.
    You are black because of your phenotype and your ancestry.

    Moving along ,

    You seem to be extremely color struck because your whole reason for posting has nothing to do with the fact that this man is black , but it more so is in reference to the age difference and the fact that he has two kids.
    This question should have gotten straight to the point by eliminating all of the un-necessary details.

    As a woman that has been in a relationship with a 9 year age difference , (we met when I was 19 and he was 28), I am proof that they can work out.
    If both people are invested in each other and want to offer true commitment , being born in two completely different years will not determine that.

    Aside from age differences,
    As a woman with no kids are you ready to take on the responsibility of someone else's kids?
    That's a lot to swallow.
    That's a decision that cannot be made overnight , it is something you have to think about.

    Of course right away he won't expect that role from you.
    But after seriously dating , that would be any lady's natural role.


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