How to get a date with a girl recently become single?

This girl recently was dumped by her boyfriend. I'm sure she is still hurt but I don't know I'm not a girl. She has been shut down towards guys as of late. I would like to just take her on a date. I don't want to force anything no relationship talks just hanging out and having fun (not meant in a sexual way). what would be the best way to approach this?


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  • I don't think you stand a chance if you approach her right now. She probably needs some time to heal after her break-up.

    • How should I play it?

    • Talk to her, be close to her and throw some flirty comments here and there. Act in a way to make her consider you as a potential interest, not as a friend.

    • Ok sounds grear

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  • Honestly, if you do date her, you're likely to just be a "rebound." Some people, both guys and girls, need time to recover from the relationship. You don't want to have a "date" that is nothing more than her ranting about her ex-boyfriend.

    Let her be and have a casual conversation after a week or so and just see how she's doing.


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  • go hug her and try kiss, try get her turn on


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