Why aren't we official?

This guy and i have been talking on and off for over a year. We usually stop talking because he isn't serious, or his party habits. We have finally been good for about 2 going on 3 months now and things couldnt be better. He hasn't been partying hard for months now and the "relationship" is so serious that we have been saying i love you for 6 months and have met each others parents. He even tells girls that he has someone when being hit on. He is perfect and we are so happy however he won't ask me to be his girlfriend. I dont understand. When i ask him when he's going to be mine he said "i am yours". When i ask officially he shrugs off the question. I love him so much but i dont want to waste my time either


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  • he probably hates labels, or putting a label on himself. why is it so important to you if whatever relationship you two are already in already seems like bf/gf material?

    • I would be more comfortable with a label because it still feels like i dont have him completely. Its like... what am i supposed to call him? I can't say my boyfriend. I mean he's 21 and labels should not bother him anymore.

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    • i dont understand why having a label would make anyone uncomfortable if theyre already doing all the stuff a boyfriend would

    • people are different, generally i would say you're right. if you feel strongly he won't mind then try bringing it up.

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  • sounds like your wasting your time.


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