Should I ask him if he is seeing someone else?

I'm just confused on what to do at this moment I have been talking to this guy for two months all most three, he has been acting different for three weeks now. I haven't hung out with lately he hasn't even text me lately at all either. Last Thursday I told him how I was feeling and I needed to know if he still like and wanted to continued things and he told me that he still wanted to and was interested in me and the reason why he has been distance is because he is taking summer classes and that he was been busy taking care of his son which he gets him Thursday through Sunday. I told him okay I understand but after that conversation he still has been busy. Also last week Monday and Wednesday he was at sister house and this Monday he was too which lives an hour away from him. I felt like he must not be that busy to hang out with your sister and not me. I was talking to a mutual friend of me and him and she told me during the spring semester he couldn't see her because of his sister schedule so lately he has been hangout with her and from the beginning that I would be patience and take things slow and im trying but I miss talking to him and I miss hang out with him. I lately I have been the one who has been texting and call him and I refused to do it now because if he wants to talk to me and see me he will contact me. I just confused on what to do because he told me he liked and want to continued things but I haven't seen or had a deep conversation with him and the only time that ever happens when we are in person. I'm thinking if he doesn't like me anymore why haven't he told me and he told me if he didn't like me he would told didn't and also if don't like why keep me on facebook you I'm just curious. I just need advice other than getting from people I know. If it matters he is 33 and I'm 24.


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  • Are you certain he is not seeing anyone else? After all he is 33...
    Maybe try asking his opinion on something important to you. You need to find a subject which can make you feel close to each other. Do you have any common interests?

    • yea we have a lot of things in common and I don't know if he's talking to someone else. I try to find out by looking on his facebook but he doesn't post anything ever. So it was a dead end, for a moment I thought maybe he was trying to get back with his mother of his child but I didn't find anything that would determine that either

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  • you should ask him.

  • you need to give him time.


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