Why are there many so many strange women on dating sites?

First of all I know there are many strange guys on dating website from what many women say, right now I'm talking about women though. There is this 21 year old woman that I have been in contact with on meetme. com. I have been talking to her on the dating website for like 4 days. When I asked her what type of movies she liked, she says she likes all kinds. I told her that's cool, but I don't like chick flicks or drama movies. She responded back saying how she would make me like those type of movies and she will cuddle with me (that was like two days ago). I was thinking that even though this was too soon, she was showing signs she is ok with going out with me. By her saying that she basically asked me out. I asked her when we can go out. She said when she comes back in June from an Indiana University. She lives in Anaheim though like me but is just in Indiana right now. I asked her how it was in Indiana. She responded it was boring. I then asked her''I heard there a bunch of bigots in Indiana, did you have to deal with racism?'' She responded back saying''I don't care about bigotry, I don't think about it.'' I responded back asking''I don't get what you are trying to say.'' She responded back saying'' I just don't think about bigotry, I don't care about it.'' After she sent that message she blocked me. She blocked me over something so dumb. Wth? That is the weird part.


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  • most people on dating sites are weird. if they weren't then they wouldn't need to go on a dating site.


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  • She's just using you for attention like a lot of girls actually sign up for these sites for. It's a stupid idea to be in one place yet list your location as another really unless she was gonna be there like... tomorrow. Girls like the ones you met just want an inbox of "you're pretty" and stuff. They get an emotional rush over being desired. She saw you were taking genuine interest and blocked you because she knew you're actually looking to meet her in person.

    Plenty of girls are clueless as to how to online date. Personally, if she can't agree to exchange numbers and schedule a meet within 5 messages drop her and message the next one. All the conversation you've been having should be in person, not over these messages. I've met many women when I used to online date doing it this way. Girls with confidence do exist, it's just that girls like the one you were messaging are holding you up sponging all your attention for selfish narcissistic reasons. If she can't meet you within the week, she's a waste of time and energy and has no business having a profile.

    • @Theguyoverthere she lives in Anaheim but is going to a university in Indiana and she said was going to be back in June and she is the one who mentioned cuddling, etc. that is basically dropping a hint she wants to go out with me, without me ever saying anything like that before and I never even asked her out before. After she mentioned the cuddling I asked her if she wants go on a date, and she yes, that we would go on a date when she comes back in June. She blocked me for a stupid reason after asking her about bigotry in Indiana.

    • Who cares? She is a waste of time. Don't put any thought if you've never met her.

    • @Theguyoverthere what do you think about the woman I am talking about on here?

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  • Wow ok interesting lol. Yep sorry I didn't realize she would be sketchy. Warning warning stay away from online dating lol


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