Why does she keep mentioning about more options?

She keeps mentioning about having more options in terms of meeting people though she and I are already seeing each other talking almost daily.
Is she trying to say I'm not the only who's after her and that she's wanted by many?
Is she playing a bad game?
or is she just not interested in me and see me as just a friend?


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  • Wait, so are you dating or not?

    • kinda

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    • So... we are supposed to meet on Saturday which is 2 days away from now. I cancelled it saying I need to meet my lawyer which is a lie :/
      now she wants to meet me Friday , which is tomorrow? :/

    • Seeing how she acts shows the push and pull should work well on her. Tell her something like you already made plans with someone else on Friday and that you might be able to see her on Sunday if she's lucky. Since that is a push, make sure to do a pull on Sunday.

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  • she's playing a game.

    • how should I play this game?
      tell her she's not the only option i have? (which is true)

What Guys Said 3

  • oh well... seems like she was almost clear, she's sein other guys :)

    • For now I'm the only one.

  • Sorry I think she might just see you as a friend

  • She's just not that into you.


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