Can relationships that moved too fast intially work out?

Can it work out towards marriage if the involved party decides to slow down for his/her partner's sake? I mean, after a month the boyfriend proposes but the girlfriend tells him she's not ready to get serious yet and complains to others why he said things like "i love you" after knowing each other for just a few days. She then threatens to leave him then he decides to slow down for her. Can this work out?

And no it's not me being involved, I know how to move things at the right pace.


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  • I really doubt it.


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  • The boyfriend seems to be in an awful rush if he is not careful he will lose girl.

    • I know one girl involved in this. She said it was moving too fast, now it is going good, at a slow pace. She said he has some good qualities but still said she doesn't want to marry him. I don't know why except she is a strong, independent type.

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  • Good god, who the hell proposes marriage after a month?

    Sounds like a bullet train heading for disaster.


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