Flirting with my body in the cinema?

I want to try and be a bit more flirty and show my date that i like him, more with my actions than my words, as we are already good at that.. It seems we like each other. =) We are going to the movies, and we have a couch to ourselves. What are some small "moves" you think i should do? Guys, what would YOU like?


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  • I assume you're sharing a popcorn? If you reach over to get some, maybe make some contact with your arm. Touch is comforting for most guys. You could go for the classic hand-holding move. Maybe whisper stuff about the movie with him if you think it won't be distracting for other people or him; like what you think will happen or your thoughts of the characters. I don't know, it's hard to be make watching a movie an intimate experience. I don't think movies make a good date night.

    • Okay, arm contact. Noted.

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  • From my experience all girls do the arm contact

  • body? buddy?


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