Even when more guys are leery of golddiggers, how do they still get guys to spend a lot on dates?

Ok, so this is female user and obviously gives a bad reputation to our gender as a whole. She has even stated on going out on a date with a guy she didn't even like just for the date.

But if guys are leery of golddiggers then how do they continue to exist and still get guys to spend their money on them on dates? I'm assuming there has to be some type of catch along the way if she keeps doing this.

Also are some of those guys really fools or are some of them already so wealthy that they they amount they spend on that date is meaningless to them?

And the last thing we need is the rest of us getting blamed because of a couple women like her.
Do those guys actually know who they're going out with as they're paying? I think it's so obvious.


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  • Yes its obvious or it should be at least lol.
    Golddiggers want to spend a man's money
    Girls who are interested in dating and not being a golddigger shouldn't worry in my opinion. I am still gonna pay for the date but if we go into a relationship no way am I giving you money for shoes or clothes (what a gold digger does)

    • True. And if that woman on the video claims to be traditional... then I'm guessing she wouldn't mind cooking for him and cleaning the house... then she would be happy about being a future housewife. That's basically what a traditional woman would do.

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  • Because there are men with the money to spend. They know what they're getting, and they're fine with that.

    • Thanks. Yeah that was my second thought. I guess to some a very wealthy one... $20+ means nothing to him. Now with her posting this online, I'm guessing now this will lead more guys to use her for fun.

    • Yeah, you have money and you can buy things

  • Because guys are afraid that if they don't pay for everything, no girls will ever think of spending time with them ever again, and to some extent, they are right, still, in the USA at least.

    • This is where they gone wrong: in thinking all girls are exactly the same.

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    • You have to grow up man
      Are you going to buy anything there

    • Aussie girls aren't that bad. We're talking about the USA here

  • "Also are some of those guys really fools or are some of them already so wealthy that they they amount they spend on that date is meaningless to them?"
    Yes and yes.

    • Now I'm thinking it's more the latter than the first. That woman makes it so obvious that I'm having a hard time someone can be that blind, esp now that it's posted on youtube for all to see.

  • one of the reasons im single. i refuse to be used. i won't celebrate birthdays, holidays, nor anniversaries. you won't give me the pussy. big deal. so what. thats all you have

    • This is what kind of worries me about girls like her. Because of her, some guys go to the other extreme of not even trying at all nor even sharing in a relationship and putting all women into one category. Basically, that gold-digger is being a disservice for the rest of us.

  • you always find losers who allow chicks like that to exist...

    • That's a possibility... though not sure how can they get fooled when she's making it so obvious. Yet, I think some of them already know who they're dating and to them $20+ means nothing (depending on his income).

    • Rich fools will never care that what they do is wrong by principle.
      They just have the money so they don't care about anything.

    • I will agree with this guy

  • Rich people if they don't think about money that means they don't have value for money so one day they won't give value to there partner one day-not all but who don't give value to life.
    Except that it dependents on many factors like
    If she/he has no income source other one have to pay to for all the dates.
    If both have not a good income source then they have to split it.
    If both have jobs, then they don't need to worry so they can use the turns because giving 50-50 makes it business so don't need to pay the same money on every time😊.
    if she is old fashioned then she will do all the house hold and he will do all the outside work-that is any understanding.
    but I have seen some people say I have a preference, it is fine if they do something witch makes the guy feel good like cooking for him or something else which he likes😊
    do what ever you like but be fair with your partner😊

  • Girls and guys dating means not uusing someone sharing feelings and things (even paying the bill) .

  • This is why bills should be split regardless of who asked out, even on the 1st date. What's even worse the majority of guys are still accepting this ridiculous ritual.

    • Sure and if the dating processes and starts getting ridiculous, I wouldn't mind also doing the ''switching turns'' every now and then. For instance, I want to surprise him on a date and it doesn't have to be on a special day nor necessarily on his b-day but a regular day and pay it all.

    • getting serious...

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