He lied to my face. Why?

We texted everyday for three weeks and he told me he didn't have bad intentions at the beginning so u believed him. He said he really liked me too. We went out one time and we're planning to meet again. But I noticed he seemed indecisive like he could just leave and I didn't know why. This last week we were flirting a lot And getting deeper in conversations. Yesterday, it was good until he asked me what my plans were and I said I don't know. He asked maybe we can drive to a place far away but he might be tired so I don't know if he was implying to stay at my place. I said he should drive home and all of sudden he got mad and asked if u didn't trust him and I said no. I am disappointed in him because he just left like a jerk and lied to me. I have no hope anymore... it's just messed up


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  • What do you mean bad intentions? I think it's natural for every guy to want to have sex, but it's how you go about it that counts. If this is making him angry now and he has a habit of leaving there is an almost definite chance he is only interested in sex. You could just not have sex with him, tell him you know what he is up to. then it's up to him to prove you wrong.

    by the way if he keeps having to leave he could well be in a relationship already.

    • I haven't done anything with him but I think to myself why lie in the first place. He was always indecisive with our dating.

What Girls Said 1

  • Just be happy you didn't get into anything you didn't want to

    • You are right but it's just these guys disappoint me all the time.

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